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Barb Scala

Transition & After-Divorce Coach

My biggest challenge was reinventing my life after divorce. From that difficult experience, I vowed to help other women - who are overwhelmed, stressed and even stuck when faced with a big life transition - get Calm, Centered and In Control so that they can live life on their terms and Bloom! 


Rebuilding, reorganizing and reinventing your life after divorce and other transitions like empty nesting or work burnout is not easy. But then again it doesn't have to be that hard either. Book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL to find out how you can start moving forward with your life reinvention today.


As a transition life coach, CDC certified divorce & transformation coach, lawyer/mediator, entreprenuer and co-author of Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life (as seen on NBC's Today Show), I have a specific blend of work-life experiences to help wonderful women like you move forward to a vibrant life. You will feel more balanced, open up to things you never thought were possible, burst with clarity and creativity, thrive in your relationships, and be more fulfilled than you have in years. Other women are Blooming and you can too!! 

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I'm passionate about helping women Bloom! 

  • Post-Divorce Reinvention
  • Empty Nesting Transition
  • Second Act Career Reinvention
  • Pre-Divorce Contemplation
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"I believe any woman who musters the courage to rebuild, reorganize and reinvent, can find her freedom to live life on her terms and Bloom!"

Atlantic Shore

Contact Me

I live on the New England shoreline with my dog Sailor and would love to connect with you over the phone or on Zoom. 


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